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Scabies Elimination Program :
As we all know that scabies is one of main communicative diesease in Residential Schools. We face the same problem at our Mandwa Residential School. Insanitation is the route cause of this disease. Our staff made a 5 point program and eliminate this disease thoproughly.
1. Availability of water
2. Availability of washing material
3. Medication
4. Supervision
5. Guidance
Participation in Competitive Exams
From the session 2003-04, we made special Efforts to increase the participation of students in competitive exams like primary and middle school scholarship exams, Eklavya English medium school Entrance exams and serveral others. We select the students for these exams at the start of the session and give them thorough guidance and special subject wise coaching in the extra hours. As a result, our 4 students excels in scholarship exam and 6 students comes in merit in Eklavya English Medium School Entrance Exam.
Facility Center for Rural Tribals
Govt. of Maharashtra are running various welfare schemes for the Rural Tribals including Gond, Kolam and pardhans. As we had made a wide survey of wardha and Arvi Tahsila of Wardha Districts.
We came to a conclusion that these Rural Tribal people are of these schemes and due to lack of information, they are unable to provide the proper document for these schemes. Our organisation take the initiative and starts a facility center at Mandwa. Where all the information about these schemes, required documents, forms, we make available for them. our staff helps them in documentation and sending their cases to the project office, Integrated Tribal Development Project, Nagpur.