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  • Mobile Dispensary
  • Health of the Kolamies is going to be most important subject of all our studies, Because of insanity and various myths and lack of infrastructure facilities Malaria & Tuberculocis are the mass killer diseases found in this area. They generally rely on the locally available herba and when the condition deteriorates beyond control they rush to the PHC's which are normally at a distance of 30 to 40 kms and finally fell prey in the hands of quacks.
    Hence we decided to provide them all possible medical help at their doors with the help of mobile dispensary.

  • Mid-wife Training Center- For the Adivasi Girls
  • As health is going to be the most important aspect of all our studies, training of the village women folks to become a mid wife is the need of the hour. The problem begins with the birth of child itself, when a local 'dai' helps the mother to give birth. She seldom cleans her hands, and unbilical cord is cut with the help of a sharp edged piece of Bomboo. Therefore the entire process is unhealthy and root cause of all their sufferings. Half the children get infected with Tetanus and diseases, and therefore die before they reach the age fo 5 to 6 years.
    Hence we are decided to start a mid-wife training center for these Adivasi girls.
    An appeal is made to all like minded voluntary agencies, Humanitarian agencies to come forward and join hands in the upliftment of this tribe.